5 Hair Oils to Try for Dry & Brittle Hair

5 Hair Oils to Try for Dry & Brittle Hair

Posted by Organic Curl on 23rd Feb 2021

Months of cold weather can be very harsh on hair leaving curls feeling dehydrated and brittle.  Try adding these hair oils to your routine to give your hair a spring uplift.

1. Blueberry Seed Oil

This hair oil has high content of fatty acids, which is extremely beneficial for damaged curly hair. 

2. Black Cumin Oil 

Full of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, this hair oil is a great ingredient to add to your home made curly hair products or use on its own.

3. Baobab oil is a real treasure when it comes to bringing damaged curly hair to life. 

4. Marula Oil has unique properties beneficial for curly hair. Its high content of palmitic acid creates protective coating on the hair and scalp surface. 

5. Pomegranate oil use helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth and restoration.